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Gary William Cunha graduated from Baylor University School of Law with his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in 1997. He is licensed to practice law by the State Bar of Texas to practice in all state courts in the state of Texas and by the Eastern, Northern, and Western Districts of Texas federal courts. Mr. Cunha is the 2004 Republican nominee for 74th District Court Judge and the 1998 Justice Norvell Memorial Award winner. Gary is the current prosecutor in the Cities of Riesel and Mount Calm. He was a frequent volunteer in the Watch D.O.G.S. program in Midway I.S.D. and team manager in Midway Little League.

He is married to Stephanie and they have two sons, Will and Jake.

Cunha is Portuguese and is pronounced "Coon-ya"

Grandpa Edward Cunha (1885-1954) graduated from Stanford University School of Law in 1908. He prosecuted the famous Preparedness Day Bombing case and later had a destinguished career as a private practice attorney. I have his 100 year old barrister bookcase in my office.
Gary William Cunha
Edward Cunha
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